Best Highest Paying URL Shorteners List of 2018 To Earn Money

Making money online is not as hard as it seems. There are quite a lot of ways to make money online. Some of the ways take lots of hard work and some of them are quite easy. Talking about one of the easiest ways, well you can make money by URL Shortening. Now the question is how do you get started with URL Shortening?

Well here is a list of a couple of Best URL shorteners. Which will help you to make money in an easy way.

However, before we talk about the URL Shorteners, let us explain what actually a URL Shortner is. Well, a URL shortener is a tool that shrinks a long URL to a small one.

Also to make money with this, you do not have to own a blog or a website. If you do, then that is a plus point.

However, the logic behind a URL shortener is that, whenever someone clicks on your short URL, you would get paid.

But when it comes to choosing the right URL shortener, there are quite a lot of options are available. Anyway to make it easy for you, here are some of the Highest paying URL shorteners.

Best yet Highest paying URL shorteners: is one of the highest paying URL shorteners available out there. This URL shortener does not only comes with the highest payout rate, but it is one of the best ones. Also, the URL shortener is super easy to use.

It is a non adult URL shortening service which means that it will only help you to short non adult URLs. Another best thing about Clicksfly is that it does not show annoying ads to the visitor. Instead, it shows Google Adsense ads. Hence, as a result, the visitor gets a simple user experience.

The other thing that we have liked about clicksfly is that it only opens one pop up ads. Also, the popup ads will not open in a new window, instead there will be a new tab. This overall gives the visitor a great user experience and makes the visitor less annoyed.

Also, clicksfly has a live chat support. Just in case if you ever feel like reaching to the customer support. It will be easy to reach. To know more about the payout rates, you can go ahead and check out the ClicksFly Payout Rates page.

Talking about the minimum payout, well clicksfy’s minimum payout rate is only $3 and they release the payment on a daily basis. Also, there are multiple payment methods are available.

The website pays around $12.00 or more for 1000 impressions. Also, the payout depends on the traffic value.

Tokenfly is one of the best URL shorteners service available on the web. The service is a perfect solution for those peoples who own a cryptocurrency related blog or website.

The website is also easy to use. All you have to do is go to the website and create an account and you are all set. However the website does not offer a great payout rate, but it is decent. Also, the website’s minimum payout is only $1 and they release payments on a daily basis.

Talking about the overall user experience, well it is pretty decent. There are one or two popup ads are there. Also, you need to fill up a captcha to access the URL. But it does not completely ruin the user experience. Also, most of the advertisements are related to crypto.

Hence it is advisable to use this URL shortener service for your crypto related websites. Using it for other website topics might not offer you good results.

Next, we have the This URL shortener service is quite an old yet the best one available on the internet.

The is a platform where different publishers come and advertise their websites for impressions. Also, everytime someone clicks on a link, the URL comes with one of such advertised websites.

As long as the minimum payout is concerned, well the minimum payout is $5.00 and can be withdrawn using PayPal. Apart from PayPal, you can also use a few other payment methods.

Talking about the payout rate, if you happen to have a high traffic from countries like the USA. Then you could easily earn $14 for 1000 impression. This makes it one of the highest paying URL shorteners available on the internet. Also, they release payments on the regular basis.

Also one of the good thing about them is that there is a WordPress plugin available for self hosted websites. The plugin helps in monetizing your website. is one of the most popular URL shortener tool available online. Even it is one of the most used ones out there. The URL shorting service is available on the internet for many years now. Also over the years, it has gained a huge trust from the users.

However, there is this myth that most of the people have is that is a scam. However it is not a scam and instead, it is a legit one.

The minimum payout of the website is $10 and you can withdraw the payment using Payoneer. However talking about the impression rates, as well as of now there are no such details provided by the But it is said that the rates keep changing and it is pretty great. However to find out the real stats you need to use the URL shorting service.

As far as the overall user experience is concerned. The visitors get a clean user interface and there are no popup ads. Hence the visitor does not get annoyed by the advertisements. also belongs to those highest paying URL shorteners which are available online. The URL shortening service offers a good payout rate along with a top class service.

Talking about the payout rate of, well you can request a payment once your account reaches to $5. However, there are different payment methods are available. Also for each type of payment withdrawal, there is a minimum payment balance.

Like for Paypal users, the minimum balance is $5.00 or more. For Bitcoin and Ethereum payments, the minimum balance for withdrawal is $15.00 or more. For Litecoin, the minimum payment balance is $5.00 or more.

Talking about the user experience, well the user experience is pretty clean. It does not annoy the visitors at all. There are no popup ads, but ads do popup in a new tab. Also, the visitors get an option to skip an advertisement which is also quite a cool feature.

This URL shortener is a perfect solution for those people who are offering download services online and want to earn extra money on the go. Furthermore, they will pay around $5.00 to $15.00 for per thousands of impressions.

For our next pick, we have the which is also one of the best URL shorteners out there. The URL shortener not just offers top class services, but it also offers a high payout. The URL shortener service pays around $4.70 or more for 1000 impressions. Although the earning depends on the traffic value.

Anyway, as long as the user experience is concerned, well 123link offers a well maintained interface. Also, there are minimal advertisements and hardly there are any popups. The visitor simply clicks on the 123link link and fills up a captcha. Then the visitors need to wait till 7 seconds to reach to the destination page. This does not annoy the visitors.

Also, the Admin panel’s UI is pretty clean and offers all the required details and features.

Talking about the payout, well the minimum payout for 123link is $25.00 and the payment method is PayPal. However, there are no payout options are available for crypto wallets.


Up next we have another highest paying URL shorteners which are the The website offers $6.47 or more for 1000 impressions. However, the payout is different for each country.

As long as the minimum payout is concerned, the website’s minimum payable amount is $15.00. Also, they can make the payment via Paypal, Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Talking about how it works, well each time a visitor clicks on a Dwindly link. Dwindy takes the visitors to a webpage where the URL shortener service displays ads for around 4 seconds and there is Continue button. The continue button redirects the visitor to the destination page and at the other side, you get paid.

Now talking about the user experience, well it offers a good user experience. There are no popup ads, also the visitor can easily access the destination URL. Also, the admin panel area of the website is easy to access and displays all the required information.

If you ask us, then we would suggest you to use this link shortener service for your downloading websites. is another popular link shortener tool with high payout rates. The website pays around $5.00 for 1000 impressions and the payout rate may vary from country to country. To get accurate information on the payout rates you can check out the payout rate page.

Talking about the minimum payout, well you can withdraw your earning once you reach the $5.00 balance on your account. Also, it supports many payment options that include, Bitcoin, PayPal, Payza, Skrill. In addition to that, they release payments on a regular basis.

Coming to the user experience, well the UX is pretty decent. The visitor needs to click on a couple of links to get to the destination URL. They might have to install a Chrome extension as well. However, there are no popups advertisements we have seen so far. However, you would notice that there are a few new tabs opening.

In the end, we would say that the website is a great one if you happen to have a downloading website. Or want to share some rare stuff for which the visitor would tolerate all the ads.

For our next pick, we have This link shortener tool offers great payout rates. Even it is one of the highest paying URL shorteners available out there.

The website pays around $8.10 or more for 1000 impressions. However, the earning may fluctuate according to your traffic.

Coming to the minimum payout rate, well you can ask for a payment rate at $3.00. Also, there are quite a lot of payment methods are available online. Such as PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrillz and so on.

Coming to the user experience, well the visitor needs to complete a captcha at first. Then the users need to wait for a couple of seconds and then there will be a Get Link button. The button will take the user to the destination URL.

Overall the user interface is pretty clean and offers a great user experience. The visitors would not get easily annoyed by the advertisements. Also, you will earn a good amount of money on the go.

In the end, we have the The URL shortener service was launched in 2005 and it is one of the oldest ones.

However, we are not sure, how much the website pays for 1000 impressions. But it is said that the payout is quite high. Although we would suggest you to try out the website to figure out the exact payout rates.

As far as the minimum payout is concerned, it is as little as $5.00. Also, Linkbucks offers multiple payment methods. That includes Paypal, Payoneer, Bitcoin and many others. 

As far as the user experience is concerned, well the website has a smooth user experience. It does not display many advertisements. However, you may notice some popup advertisements which may ruin the user experience for your visitors. You can also use the link shortener tool to short adult website links and make money out of it.

However, there are a couple of restrictions are there that you should keep in mind. For example, you cant signup on linkbucks for more than once. You should not post linkbucks links on forums, or use bots to click on your link and so on.

Anyway, that was all for the best URL shorteners. Now go ahead and check the websites out and see which one is working the best for you.

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