Publisher Rates for link sharing & earning

Minimum Payout: $3
Payment Frequency: Daily
Payment Methods: Bitcoin, PayPal, PhonePe [India 80₹/$], Bank Transfer [India], Payeer, UPI, USDT, Binance Pay {recommended}, Payoneer

We count 5+ views per IP within 24 hours By which you will be benefited more.

Package Description / Country Earnings per 1000 Views
Desktop Mobile / Tablet
Greenland $20.0000 $20.0000
United States $18.0000 $18.0000
Iceland $15.0000 $15.0000
United Kingdom $10.5000 $10.5000
Canada $10.0000 $10.0000
Nigeria $10.0000 $10.0000
Germany $8.0000 $8.0000
Brazil $8.0000 $8.0000
France $7.2000 $7.2000
South Africa $7.0000 $7.0000
Switzerland $6.8000 $6.8000
Spain $6.5000 $6.5000
United Arab Emirates $6.4000 $6.4000
Australia $6.3500 $6.3500
Norway $6.0000 $6.0000
Singapore $6.0000 $6.0000
Saudi Arabia $5.5000 $5.5000
Mexico $5.2000 $5.2000
Sweden $5.0000 $5.0000
Chile $4.5000 $4.5000
Thailand $4.5000 $4.5000
Indonesia $4.5000 $4.5000
India $4.0000 $4.0000
Worldwide Deal(All Countries) $3.5000 $3.5000
Russian Federation $0.1000 $0.1000
Package Description / Country Earnings per 1000 Views
Desktop Mobile / Tablet
Worldwide Deal(All Countries) $3.0000 $3.0000
Russian Federation $0.1000 $0.1000
Above are Only For Crypto Faucets Website Rates. Please refer default tab for main rate list


Why Clicksfly?

ClicksFly is a highest paying URL shortener and free tool where you can create short links, and apart from being free, you get paid! So, now you can make money from home while managing and protecting your links.

What does multiple views count mean?

Have you ever wondered what happens when a visitor clicks your shortened link multiple times, and most other URL shorteners pay only for a single click? At Clicksfly, we focus more on users' revenue and provide them with a better views count. With the help of Clicksfly multiple views count, users not only get paid but get paid for all views (based on views count) they receive on their link until it follows our terms and guidelines.

What is the views count?

At Clicksfly, we offer multiple views count, which includes more than 5 views per IP within 24 hours. That number keeps changing based on the active advertisers on our platform. Please always refer to the "Views Count" box on your dashboard.

How do I share a link manually?

To share a link manually, simply go to "Manage Links" and click on "All Links." Copy any short link that you want to share and paste it wherever you want, for example, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, blogs, or your own websites.

When do I get paid?

Clicksfly pays payments on a daily basis, but users may experience slight delays based on their payment method.

We take the quality of our users' traffic very seriously at ClicksFly. As a result, "fake," "bot," or "self-clicked" traffic is strictly prohibited. By adhering to this rule, you can help ensure that your CPM rate is as high as possible, allowing you to take advantage of our high CPM rates.

Focus on the quality of your traffic and avoid fake, bot, or self-clicked traffic if you want to maximize your CPM rate and earn the most money. This will assist you in achieving the best possible results with ClicksFly.