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Date Username Amount Method
1/27/23, 2:47 PM Deb****** $12.5900 Payeer
1/27/23, 1:27 PM 100****** $3.0055 Payeer
1/27/23, 12:59 PM Dev****** $18.7741 Payeer
1/27/23, 12:41 PM Ren****** $8.2206 PayPal
1/27/23, 11:29 AM Ttw****** $19.0858 Binance Pay (USDT)
1/27/23, 9:27 AM Wam****** $5.1639 Payeer
1/27/23, 8:40 AM mad****** $5.2741 UPI
1/27/23, 3:56 AM dre****** $50.5176 Binance Pay (USDT)
1/27/23, 1:52 AM aki****** $23.8531 Binance Pay (USDT)
1/26/23, 9:36 PM ahm****** $12.0235 Payeer
1/26/23, 8:31 PM tio****** $10.0398 Binance Pay (USDT)
1/26/23, 6:39 PM 300****** $25.5391 PayPal
1/26/23, 2:32 PM The****** $3.1684 Payeer
1/26/23, 2:08 PM sak****** $37.3896 UPI
1/26/23, 1:42 PM 105****** $7.1442 Payeer
1/26/23, 11:31 AM dar****** $10.7216 Payeer
1/26/23, 10:36 AM 111****** $19.3528 Payeer
1/26/23, 8:42 AM pri****** $7.1107 PayPal
1/26/23, 8:24 AM 300****** $29.7056 PayPal
1/26/23, 7:41 AM wcr****** $14.4757 Payeer
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Payment No: 4 By paytmClciksFly earning 2Paytm payout no.8Clicksfly 13Clicks Fly pay 16

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